Preferred Seat Donation

Similar to the Annual Fund, your gift to the preferred seat program helps elevate Michigan Athletics to a new level of excellence. Your gift provides critical resources which will go directly to the area with the greatest need. With your support, we are able to address our priorities and impact our program in an immediate and positive way.

Your gift to Michigan Athletics indicates your enthusiasm for the work we are doing and also your trust in our vision. Please know that we are truly grateful and we receive your gift with a remarkable sense of responsibility. We promise to use our resources in the most effective and efficient manner that we are able in order to advance our mission.

2017 Preferred Seat Donation (PSD) Guide

Make Your Preferred Seat Donation (PSD) Payment


Year-end donations made online by credit card must be completed by December 30, 2016 to ensure gift receipt for the 2016 tax year. Year-end donations made by check must be postmarked by December 31, 2016 to ensure a gift receipt for the 2016 tax year. The University will provide a gift receipt that reflects 80% of any Preferred Seat Donation.  This receipt will be issued in the name of the payer making the donation. If an additional contribution is made above and beyond the Preferred Seat Donation requirement, a second gift receipt will be provided to the donor reflecting 100% deductibility.


December 31, 2016 – Deadline to transfer football season tickets
January 31, 2017 – PSD deadline for Football
April 1, 2017 – Football Season Ticket Renewals available at*
April 28, 2017 – Football Season Ticket payment deadline
May 15, 2017 – PSD deadline for Men’s Basketball and Ice Hockey

*Paper applications mailed only upon request. Save $5 by renewing online.


Please enclose your (or your spouse/partner’s) matching gift form to increase the value of your donation. Matching gift funds will be treated as additional donations toward the Michigan Athletics
Annual Fund and reflected in Priority Point totals upon receipt of the matching gift. Matching gifts cannot be applied to your Preferred Seat Donation balances. Visit
for employer details.

IRS 80/20 RULE

Under Internal Revenue Code Section 170 (1), if you itemize deductions you may be eligible to deduct 80% of any amount donated from preferred seating at athletic events. Generally, the Internal Revenue
Service requires that every amount paid for Preferred Seat Donations be considered 80% charitable and 20% private benefit. We are unable,then, to accept contributions from donor advised funds, private foundations, or Charitable IRA Rollovers towards Preferred Seat Donations. Please consult your tax advisor for more information, or if you are considering a gift through a donor advised fund, private foundation, or Charitable IRA Rollover.


Credit card statements will reflect a transaction title “UM Gift” or “UM Athletic Development.” It will not specify that the contribution was for a Preferred Seat Donation.


Requests to upgrade/add seats are taken during the season ticket renewal period (spring for Football, summer for Men’s Basketball and Ice Hockey).  Seats are allocated based on priority point totals. Non-PSD donations can not be transferred to cover any additional PSD balances resulting from seat upgrades/additions.


Football parking request forms will be e-mailed out in January. Parking assignments will be determined by Priority Points and offered during the Season Ticket Renewal period.


Priority points for Preferred Seat Donations will be credited to the season ticket holder’s account, regardless of who makes the donation.  Earn bonus priority points by making your PSD online at  Paying online via e-check will earn you 3 bonus priority points, while paying online via credit card will earn you 1 bonus priority point.  Donors will only receive a priority point bonus for their method of payment once per year, regardless of how many PSDs he/she pays.  In other words, a donor that pays his/her football PSD online via e-check and two months later pays his/her basketball PSD online via credit card would earn a total of 3 priority points for paying via e-check.  He/she would NOT receive 4 total bonus points (3 for paying by e-check plus another 1 for paying by credit card).  Therefore, all PSD donors will receive either 0, 1 or 3 bonus points for their method of payment.


For information on how to transfer football season tickets, visit