Donor Spotlight: Bob and Sally Elgin

October 30, 2015

Bob (College of Engineering, 1970) & Sally Elgin

FDH14-Alumni Dedication

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Children: Sarah & Eric (LSA, 2011)
First gift: $10 in 1976 to Engineering Capital Campaign

Favorite Michigan Moments: The 1998 football national championship, being at the 1996 Ice Hockey National Championship,  and The Big Chill.

First Involvement as a donor to Athletics:  We gave some money through an auction to have our kids hold the Go Blue Banner at a game.  Later, we had someone from the University call to follow up and we fell in love with the guy and the relationship grew from there.

Why do you give to Michigan: We have a long history with Michigan.  It started with the Cooley’s in the 1800s.