A Gift That Will Transform U-M Athletics

September 5, 2013

By Dave Brandon   | Courtesy  MGoBlue.com, Brandon’s Blog

MGOBLUE Stephen M. Ross
Stephen M. Ross


Yesterday, Stephen M. Ross announced his decision to give a transformational gift of $200 million to the University of Michigan!

The Stephen M. Ross School of Business and U-M Athletics will each receive $100 million. Ross’ gift is the largest single donation in U-M history and will have an incredible impact on generations to come.

The gift is more than just dollars and cents; it is about Steve Ross’ profound impact on the lives of our more than 900 student-athletes and those that will attend U-M for decades to come.

He made earlier gifts to athletics to help build our Ross Academic Center and for the renovation and expansion of Michigan Stadium. Now he is making an even bigger commitment. His unprecedented gift will help us build state-of-the-art facilities to create a sense of community, identity and tradition for every one of our 31 teams.

He shares our athletic department team’s vision for an athletic campus that provides our student-athletes with the best resources to compete at the highest level of competition — in the classroom, in athletics, and in their lives after athletics.

Steve Ross knows he can help make a difference in people’s lives. Currently, he is the man behind the largest real estate project in United States history, working to develop Hudson Yards in New York City.

The effort to create something out of almost nothing on the west side of Manhattan near the Hudson River is an incredibly complex project of mammoth proportions.

For the University of Michigan athletic department, our vision is to build a world-class athletic campus that will be a destination for local, state, national and international competitions.

The Hudson Yards in New York City will be transformed for the betterment of many people. Steve’s gift will transform Michigan Athletics for the betterment of student-athletes, coaches, spectators and fans for decades into the future.

His gift is a testament to how he feels about this university — his university. He spoke about how he was fortunate to have attended the University of Michigan and for what his experience here has helped him accomplish.

Steve Ross has always been part of the Maize and Blue team, maintaining a connection and a fondness which has made an impact that is truly immeasurable.

On Saturday night, Steve will be the honorary U-M football captain for the coin flip prior to the start of the Notre Dame game. A special coin has been minted bearing his name, and it will be given to him as a memento of this special occasion.

We will also recommend to our Board of Regents that our athletic campus be named the Stephen M. Ross Athletic Campus in recognition of this extraordinary gift. This will be an ongoing reminder of our appreciation and respect for Steve’s incredible commitment to U-M Athletics and the role he has played to help make our facilities the best in the nation.

This was a great day in the history of the University of Michigan, a day that will help us take a giant step forward in pursuit of our Athletic Department mission statement: “Relentlessly striving to make Michigan Athletics the Leaders and the Best in every way.”

Steve Ross is truly one of our “Leaders and Best.”

Thank you, Steve! Go Blue!

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