Student-Athlete Endowed Scholarships

We sincerely thank all of the generous supporters who have established endowed scholarships. Their gifts provide academic support for our student-athletes in perpetuity and contribute to the long-term sustainability of our programs. By investing in endowed scholarships, the donors below have helped enhance our legacy and ensure that Michigan Athletics continues to be the Leaders and Best in Every Way.


“Athletics for All” Hartwig Scholarship
Al and Gerry Walk Scholarship
Al Renfrew Scholarship
Albert P. and Nancy S. Pickus General Athletic Scholarship
Alfred J. and Mary Ann Capoferi Scholarship
Alice M. and Thomas J. Haverbush Scholarship for Men’s Ice Hockey
Alvin Glick Football Scholarship
Alyce K. Sigler Scholarship for Women’s Swimming
Andrew K. Abel and Dr. Tama D. Abel Softball Scholarship
Andrews Family Football Scholarship
Andy and Cheryl Chapekis Family Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Ann Holmes and Sue Wickett Endowed Scholarship for Softball
Benjamin D. Jaffe Family Athletic Scholarship
Benjamin J. Huff Endowed Scholarship
Benny Friedman Scholarship
Betz Family Scholarship
Bob & Lori Fregolle Family Athletic Scholarship
Bob Ufer Endowed Football Scholarship
Braylon Edwards Charitable Foundation Scholarship
Brian P. and Barbara G. Patchen Scholarship
Brian P. Campbell Endowed Scholarship for Football
Bruce B. and Janet Allen Athletic Endowed Scholarship
Burnham Family Endowed Scholarship for Men’s Golf
Carl Kreager Family Scholarship
Catherine R. and Harold O. Benz Scholarship
Cecil L. Pryor  Jr. Scholarship
Charles S. and Charles S. Kennedy Jr. Scholarship
Clifford C. and Maureen E. Cook Family Ice Hockey Scholarship
Conley Family Scholarship
Connie and Arnold Pohs Scholarship
Crocker Sisters Scholarship
Curtis W. Greer Football Scholarship
Dahlman Family Scholarship
Darryl and Ginny Snider Football Scholarship
David and Jan Brandon Scholarship
David and Meredith Kaplan Men’s Basketball Endowed Scholarship
David Blumenfeld Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Dekers Club Hockey Scholarship
Dick and Ellen Lundy Scholarship
Dick and Lynn McCord Hockey Scholarship
Don and Anne Pollard Family Athletics Scholarship
Don Lee Truex Athletic Scholarship
Don Lund and Ray Fisher Baseball Scholarship
Donald B. & Marilyn N. Canham Varsity Track Scholarship
Donald C. and Ingrid A. Graham Football Scholarship
Donald C. and Ingrid A. Graham Hockey Scholarship
Donald R. Shepherd Field Hockey Scholarship
Donald R. Shepherd Scholarship for Women’s Golf
Donald R. Shepherd Spirit Award Scholarship for Women’s Gymnastics
Donald R. Shepherd Volleyball Scholarship
Donald R. Shepherd Women’s Athletic Scholarship for Tennis
Donald R. Shepherd Women’s Cross Country Scholarship
Donald R. Shepherd Women’s Gymnastics Scholarship
Donald R. Shepherd Women’s Swimming and Diving Scholarship
Doshay Family Athletics Endowed Scholarship
Dr. E. J. Justema Scholarship
Dr. George A. May Scholarship for Men’s Athletics
Dr. James J. and Stephanie A. Kochkodan Family Endowed Scholarship
Drs. Anthony and Joyce Kales Football Scholarship Fund in honor of President Gerald R. Ford
Dubin-Ellerin Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Edward G. Dauw Memorial Scholarship for Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving
Edward I. Schalon Endowed Golf Scholarship
Ernest W. Wickett Men’s Ice Hockey Scholarship
Floyd S. and Ruth L. Reid Family Endowed Football Scholarship in Honor of Harry G. Kipke
Floyd S. and Ruth L. Reid Family Endowed Softball Scholarship
Foussianes Family Scholarship
Frank and Barbara Batsch Football Scholarship
Frank Bissell Scholarship
Frank Legacki and Alicia Torres Endowed Scholarship
Fred and Diane Tinsey Endowed Football Scholarship
Fritz Seyferth Endowed Football Scholarship
G. Leonard Teitelbaum Hockey Scholarship
Gabriel and Jeanne Shaheen Scholarship
Gardner I. and Mary Anne Parsons Endowed Football Scholarship
Garvie and Susan Craw Endowed Scholarship for Football
Gary O. Moeller Football Scholarship
Gerald and Sharon Schreiber Men’s Tennis Endowment
Gilbert A. Currie Endowed Football Scholarship
Glenn E. “Bo” Schembechler Endowed Football Scholarship
Glick Family Football Scholarship
Harry and Olive O’Connell Scholarship
Harry D. and Bessie D. Solomon Athletic Scholarship
Hartmann and Keren Endowed Athletics Scholarship
Henry and Nancy Newlin Women’s Basketball Scholarship
Howard J. Cooper Football Scholarship
Hubert W. and Ann Vandongen Student Aid in Athletics Scholarship
Hugh M. Wright Golf Scholarship
Hugh Rader Jr. and Clara Rader Horton Memorial
Isla V. Small Endowed Football Scholarship
Isla V. Small Endowed Women’s Scholarship
J. D. Williamson II Endowed Football Scholarship
J.J. Putz Endowed Baseball Scholarship
Jack Roth Athletics Scholarship
Jack Roth Ice Hockey Scholarship
Jack Roth Men’s Basketball Scholarship
Jack Roth Softball Scholarship
Jacob W. Haas Scholarship
James F. Poindexter Endowed Softball Scholarship
James L. Betchek Endowed Football Scholarship
James W. Carras Endowed Men’s Golf Scholarship
Jamieson Family Scholarship
Jean A. Forrest Scholarship
Jeff Reese Scholarship Fund
Jeffrey E. Cappo Endowed Scholarship for Baseball in honor of Ralph Hutchings
Jeffrey E. Cappo Hockey Endowed Scholarship
Jeffrey S. and Dawn J. Williams Scholarship
Jerry Hanlon Endowed Football Lineman Scholarship
Jim and Bonnie Mandich Scholarship
Jim and Bonnie Reece Men’s Hockey Scholarship
Jim Campbell Scholarship for Baseball
Joe Lunghamer Hockey Scholarship
John F. Maulbetsch Memorial Scholarship
John P. and Sue H. Junge Football Scholarship
John Slykhouse Memorial Scholarship
Jon C. Urbanchek Endowed Scholarship
Judy and Verne Istock Scholarship
Julia A. Sturm Volleyball Scholarship
Kalvin and Eileen Grove Scholarship
Katherine Wagner Roemer Fund in Athletics
Kelsey E. Kollen-Putz Endowed Softball Scholarship
Ken Doherty Scholarship
Kenneth A. Eisenberg Football Scholarship
Kenneth and Stephen Eisenberg Football Scholarship
Kerr Family Endowed Baseball Scholarship
Kretschman Family Scholarship
Kriss and Carol Arbury Football Scholarship in Honor of Fritz Seyferth
Lainie & Kenny Lipschutz and Julie Winkelman Football Scholarship
Leland Family Scholarship
Leo A. Thomas Scholarship
Lisa Faith Knight Scholarship
Lloyd H. Carr Scholarship
Loganberry Scholarship
Lunden Family Endowed Football Scholarship
Marc Parrish Scholarship for Men’s Swimming and Diving
Marie Hartwig Scholarship
Marion E. and Robert N. Beebe Football Scholarship
Marlin H. Pemberton Scholarship
Marsal Family Foundation Scholarship
Mary C. and Thomas P. Borders Women’s Basketball Scholarship
Mary Lincoln Campbell Endowed Scholarship for Women’s Cross Country
Matt Mann Men’s Swimming and Diving Scholarship
Matthaei Family Scholarship
Michael A. Pulick Scholarship
Michael Comrie Endowed Hockey Scholarship
Mickey and Wally Grant Ice Hockey Scholarship
Moby Benedict Endowed Baseball Scholarship
Mortenson Family Scholarship
Newt Loken Gymnastics Scholarship
Newton Family Scholarship
Nike Inc. Athletic Scholarship for Women
Nike Inc. Women’s Basketball Athletic Scholarship
Nisson Family Endowed Scholarship for Football
Park Family Scholarship
Peggy Bauervic Foundation Scholarship
Peter J. and Theta M. Rosewig Women’s Athletic Scholarship
Peter M. Cornell Wrestling Scholarship
Peter M. Wege Memorial Scholarship
Petrovich Family Endowed Scholarship for Softball
Phyllis M. Ocker Scholarship for Varsity Women Athletes
Ralph and Susan Garlick Scholarship
Ray Fisher Endowed Scholarship
Red Berenson Ice Hockey Scholarship
Richard D. and Katherine M. O’Connor Football Scholarship
Richard G. and Virginia L. Martin Endowed Swimming and Diving Scholarship
Richard Katcher Athletic Scholarship
Richard Nagel Athletic Scholarship
Richard Yarmain Ice Hockey Scholarship
River City Women’s Athletic Scholarship
River City Women’s Basketball Scholarship
Rob Holt Endowed Scholarship for Men’s Soccer
Robert A. Baumgartner Football Scholarship
Robert and Marjorie Shepherd Women’s Varsity Scholarship for Softball
Robert C. and Jane L. Parker Football Scholarship
Robert C. Chambers Endowment Fund
Robert J. and Victoria G. Buckler Athletic Scholarship
Robert L. Wiese Scholarship
Robert N. and Marion E. Beebe Football Scholarship
Robert R. Levine Endowed Fund for General Athletics
Ronald D. McNeil Endowed Football Scholarship
Roof Family Softball Endowed Scholarship
Roy and Helen Ziegler Scholarship in Athletics
Roy H. and Helen M. Ziegler Hockey Scholarship
Rush and Olive Jacobs Scholarship
Sally A. Martin Endowed Scholarship for Softball
Samuel L. Westerman Scholarship
Samuel Stiber Endowed Scholarship
Schiller Family Endowed Football Scholarship
Schweitzer Student-Athlete Scholarship
Schweitzer Student-Athlete Scholarship
Scotty’s Boys Endowed Scholarship for Football
Skestos Family Scholarship
Snip Nalan Scholarship
Snyder Family Softball Scholarship
Sr. Major General John T. and Nancy L. Buck Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Mary Walker
Thomas Clancey Athletic Scholarship
Those Who Stay Will Be Champions Football Scholarship
Timothy Krause Bunbury Memorial Scholarship
Tom and Connie Kinnear Ice Hockey Scholarship
Tom and Joann Maentz Football Scholarship
Tom Harmon Athletic Scholarship
U of M Club of Ann Arbor Scholarship
U of M Club of Greater Detroit Football Scholarship
U of M Club of Greater Detroit Women’s Swimming Scholarship
University of Michigan Club of Grand Rapids Athletic Scholarship
University of Michigan Club of Greater Flint Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Vic Heyliger Champions Ice Hockey Scholarship
Virginia S. Nicklas Scholarship
Walter S. Harms Baseball Scholarship
Walter Wulff Football Endowment
Will and Jeanne Caldwell Scholarship
William B. Giles Athletic Scholarship
William Bolander Football Scholarship
Willis Dean Nance Athletic Scholarship
Young Family Foundation Scholarship
Zachary Family Scholarship