Scholarships are fundamental to our success and student support is a cornerstone of the Victors for Michigan Campaign. Across our teams, we provide the maximum number of NCAA scholarships allowed for our student-athletes meaning that 14% of our budget is spent on tuition each year. This annual expense is a significant financial investment of the department. As you know, we do not receive any discounted tuition rates for any of our student-athletes, thus this expense is likely to continue increasing in coming years. Furthermore, there is a large discrepancy between the cost of tuition for an in-state and out-of-state student. Given that over 70% of our student-athletes are from out-of-state, this reality has a large impact on our annual scholarship expense.

By investing in scholarships through an expendable or endowed gift, you are helping to ensure that student-athletes are recruited based on their skill level and alignment with the Michigan tradition rather than state residency. As a result, these gifts significantly contribute to the sustainability of our programs while helping shape the next generation of Wolverines.