Victors for Michigan

The University of Michigan Athletic Department is relentlessly striving to be the Leaders and Best in every way. To achieve this, we need to support each of our student-athletes and provide them with meaningful opportunities to develop into Michigan Men and Women. We are tasked with preparing these young leaders to proudly represent the Michigan family both now and into the future. This requires dedication and support from generous donors like you.

In order to succeed, it is important that we provide our student-athletes with the resources that they need to be champions in competition and in the classroom. Ensuring that our teams have the maximum amount of scholarships possible, robust academic support, community engagement opportunities, health and wellness training, and state-of-the art facilities to practice and compete… these are all essential in helping us achieve our goal.

The University of Michigan brand, which is closely tied to athletics, remains strong, but only with tremendous effort. College athletics is changing and as a department, we need to relentlessly push forward across all 31 teams to become the recognized and undisputed leader.

We are completely self-funded and self-sufficient, reliant largely on generous donations. In order to achieve our collective vision, we all have the responsibility to be a part of the greater Michigan family. Our collective vision is big, and our needs are proportional to the vision.

To support Michigan Athletics is to be a part of our team, our culture, our family, and our beliefs. We have a bold vision for the future of Michigan Athletics and we welcome you to join us. We welcome you to be an ambassador, an investor, and a part of this transformation. Come be a Victor for Michigan.